Social media has redefined digital technology & blurred lines between tangible & intangible entities. It has entered classrooms; where professors are encouraging students to complete their assignments by connecting with people & brands on Twitter. Political campaigns & agendas are formed while interacting with people on social media. Khaliph Young a content strategist is one such player who has been finding ways to integrate social media with television, mobile & web in USA.Khaliph

With an experience of 25 years in production & new media, Khaliph has produced, managed and marketed content across internet, cable, VOD and mobile phones; nationally & internationally. When mobile content started getting comprehensive in 2004, Khaliph foresaw the need to start creating ring tones, wallpapers & even apps.

The main reason Young started developing & marketing his own apps was due to unpleasant encounters with mobile content distributors. Lack of transparency, poor management, bad marketing & packaging module; and most importantly the hefty fee attached to it made him re-think his strategy & take matters in his own hands. Khaliph hit some initial roadblocks when he was trying to find developers who understood the process of Ad SDK integration. He likes to make apps that are simple & driven with video content. His biggest success includes Volume TV that launched in August 2013 and was well received in Latin America & South-East Asia.

Since Mobile App Development is a recently entered venture, monetization is still a new process but Khaliph is quick in picking up the dynamics of this space. Telling us more about it, he elaborates, “For us, it is just the beginning to understand the process & how the ecosystem works. We have realized that it is better to have free apps and support it by mobile ads. We’re glad to begin working with Vserv for monetizing our apps as their monetization platform AppWrapper includes great ways to wrap our apps & most importantly save time on coding! Their customer service support is very sound. Kudos to their team for always educating me to understand this space in a better manner.”

Fact File
Name Khaliph Young
Location Detroit, USA
Connect Website, Facebook, LinkedIn
Apps Play Store

According to him; the current market trends indicate a need for more mobile content that will be absorbed in Emerging Markets. “Companies like Vserv make it easier for more developers to take the plunge and benefit from such emerging markets” he further added. Khaliph foresees a future where social media & mobile phones will define the way people communicate and he most certainly wants to be a part of this riding change; independently or otherwise.

It is our pleasure to enable Developers working out of Developed Markets who wish to tap Emerging Markets & widen their reach where we believe the next billion user-base will grow!

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