Africa is emerging as the newest hot-spot for outsourcing mobile apps in the world today. This growth can be credited to the demand for local apps and an abundant dependence on mobile technology. With Uganda’s government emphasizing on fueling their Tourism by powering it with mobile apps, they’re already the second most influential country in the African continent today. One such company who is making a strong contribution in facilitating the growth of Uganda’s mobile app market is Leighton Group.

Untitled-1 (1)Leighton Group was founded by a group of mobile technology enthusiasts who were inspired by the surge of Mobile Developers in Uganda and wished to built apps that were fun & had a practical purpose. Terming their company as a ‘Technology Transfer Center’, Leighton Group’s vision is to help people transfer their ideas into sustainable technologies for businesses focusing on telecom, IT, software development & mobile technology. Some interesting and useful apps developed by Leighton Group are: Maternal Health, Quotebook & Diary Next.

After commencing its operations, the company faced a few obstacles in monetizing their apps and gaining visibility in their initial phase. We were enthused to know the contribution of our one click monetization tool ‘AppWrapper’ for Leighton Group & its members. Talking about their experience; they say, “Vserv’s AppWrapper is an unbelievably powerful tool that helped us reduce our time & effort on integrating ads in our apps. We spent much lesser time on coding to integrate complex SDKs that in turn showed us results that were unparalleled.”

Fact File
Name Leighton Group
Location Uganda
Connect WebsiteFacebook, Twitter
Apps Nokia Store, Google Play, Blackberry World

The team at Leighton draws its inspiration from Rovio and other big developers that add a fun spin to their apps. Their belief lies in developing apps that can also prove to be useful to people in their daily lives. Going forward, Leighton plans to port most of the products on the Windows platform. We are sure Leighton Group will play a huge contributory role in taking Uganda’s mobile app ecosystem to a whole new level.

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