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October 9, 2014
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Living the "always mobile" life



It is impossible to imagine a life today without smartphones. From showing the way in a new city to providing personal banking services, smartphones do it all. For a lot of individuals, a smartphone today plays an inseparable role in their daily lives.

Recently, IDG Global Solutions released its Global Mobile Survey report. The findings from this report substantiate the growing trend of mobile becoming the first screen for all online content access. The report highlights that there has been a dramatic rise in video consumption on mobile with 75% of consumers using a smartphone to watch online videos. Globally, mobile is replacing traditional media such as newspapers, radio and TV and this report also backs this trend with numbers that suggest 50% of respondents using a tablet to read newspapers and 40% having replaced either their desktop or laptop with a tablet device.

A similar trend is seen in emerging markets such as India. For instance, according to Google estimates, 87% of consumers in India use their smartphones for entertainment (games, music, video streaming). 78% use their smartphones for communication (email, social networking) while 59% stay informed through their smartphones (news portals, blogs, review websites).

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Taking a cue from such trends, marketers and brands are moving from a mobile-also to a mobile-first strategy with their products and services. For instance, leading Indian e-commerce players such as Flipkart and Quikr, till very recently, encouraged their consumers to shop online via PCs. However, today these e-commerce players have adopted a mobile-first strategy and encourage consumers to shop via their mobile apps.

Smartphones are leading a content revolution today and have become the first screen of choice for all internet access. For smartphone users, the right here, right now nature of the device has outdone the utility of a personal computer as medium for internet connectivity and content consumption. Mobile has indeed become an all-pervasive part of our daily lives.

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