‘India’s technological development is not only great for the world, but also poses some interesting challenges to the USA’. This is a recent post released by Washington post which represents India as a nation which has made a mark in the global tech industry.  The country is also responsible for outsourcing some of the brightest minds to Silicon Valley & will continue to play a prominent role in building several Innovation & development hubs. Carving their way on a similar roadmap are a bunch of tech enthusiasts who started their own gaming outfit named Lolz Studio in Delhi.

Lolz Studio, an eight month old start-up, is ignited by a vision to bring about the next big wave in the gaming industry by revolutionizing the way people play games. The team consists of tech aficionados who derive inspiration from their passion for gaming! Some of the popular apps developed by them include World Bike Race, Zombie Rage and Cycle Race.

Like any start-up, the first few months for Lolz Studio were extremely challenging on the tech front along with figuring out logistics & revenue generation. Prioritizing Vserv.mobi as their number one partner who helped them overcome their initial jitters, Vivek Sathiya, Co-Founder of Lolz Studio says “ Vserv’s quick turnaround time, efficient support from the team & a brilliant platform like AppWrapper helped us cross some major roadblocks in our early days. We’d thoroughly like to thank Vserv for their constant backing & look forward to continue our long association with them!’

Fact File
Name Lolz Studio
Location Delhi
Connect Website
Apps Nokia Ovi

Amassing their inspiration from Apple, Lolz Studio looks up to companies who’ve built a strong brand value by being creative that keeps their users excited. As of now, Lolz Studio is experimenting with newer platforms, OS’ and technologies for the next 2-3 years. We’re sure the team at Lolz Studio will  emerge as a leading global player in the Gaming arena very soon!

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