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How Magnum made Thai users feel like they were in heaven with this interactive mobile ad campaign


Who doesn't love to bite into their favorite ice cream flavor on a warm sunny day? Magnum Ice creams, known globally for their indulgent ice cream flavors was looking to launch a new flavor called White Almond, in Thailand. Magnum also sought to increase brand awareness while creating a buzz around this newly launched ice cream variant.

The objective was to communicate the campaign message 'Feel Like You Are In Heaven' in an interesting, interactive and innovative manner through the mobile platform. The target audience for this campaign was primarily Thai smartphone users within the age group of 18 to 35 years who were based out of Thailand's capital city Bangkok.

Breaking through the clutter with the unique 'Kiss technology'

We decided to create a full page rich media ad incorporating the latest 'Kiss technology' within the ad. The idea was to break through the clutter of asking users to swipe, shake or tap their smartphones to engage with the mobile ad. We  added a share functionality within the ad, thereby allowing viewers to share the mobile ad with their friends & loved ones.

The mobile ad was conceptualized in such a way that users got a virtual experience of the new product. The campaign was pushed both on mobile web and in-app across premium publishers in Thailand. The campaign was targeted primarily towards food, entertainment, gaming and lifestyle related app publishers.

Biting into Magnum's crispy white almond

The rich media ad asked users to virtually unwrap the irresistible ice cream bar, by tearing the wrapper twice to unveil the bar. Once unwrapped, viewers could take a virtual bite of the ice cream by kissing their smartphones.

The bite was registered using multi-touch technology and the accelerometer of the smartphone. Also, the mobile ad played a crunch sound to add to the overall effect of biting into the crisp ice cream crust stuffed with almonds.

A message that read, "Today has been a hard day; give yourself a prize with 'Magnum White Almond' to make you #FeelLikeYouAreInHeaven", was then displayed. Users were given an option to share this branded message on social media to drive further awareness towards the newly launched product.

Tasting the sweet flavor of success

The Magnum White Almond campaign was a resounding success, with the mobile ad being well-received by Thai smartphone users. 85% of users interacted with the mobile ad and about 25% of those users, shared the branded message on social media.

The campaign fulfilled its overall objectives by creating curiosity, excitement we well as delivering the brand message of 'Feel Like You Are In Heaven' in a highly engaging & interactive manner.

Here's the video of the 'Magnum White Almond' launch campaign.

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