Did you know that India ranks 4th in terms of Android downloads globally? If you are savvy about games on the platform you may have probably played or seen Balloon Bow & Arrow. This game was at #1 in the Casual Games category, featuring in the top 10 free games on the Google Play store, ranked ahead of even the likes of Angry Birds & Temple Run – a commendable feat for an indie developer. It’s even bigger if you are a indie developer from a small town in India. Introducing, Manas Gajare, the rockstar developer of Balloon Bow & Arrow.

Manas Gajare-VservHailing from Nasik, a small town in India also popularly known as the Wine Capital of India, Manas has a Masters’ degree in Mathematics and is an avid blogger. After initially developing customized software for Windows, Manas was convinced that the future was in mobile app development. He was bitten by the Android bug in 2010 & since then has been successfully developing on the platform. Within a short span of time he has built a portfolio of over 150 apps, displaying a sound understanding of the ecosystem and more importantly what users want. Some of his landmark games include EMF EVP Entity Sensor, Card Magic Tricks, Kill Ravana, Hide Photos Videos Files

Manas has put India on the map through his outstanding apps on the Google Play store. Partnering with him in his app monetization journey is our privilege. Manas adds “Vserv’s AppWrapper technology enables rich full-screen ads on our apps without hindering the gaming experience for users. It is a truly mind-blowing product, and certainly one of its kind”.

Fact File
Name Dexter Ltd
Location India
Connect Website, Facebook
Apps Android

While Manas surges ahead in his app development journey, he hasn’t given up on his first love – Mathematics. He has successfully managed to integrate his passion for math & app development by developing top quality apps for students & teachers of the subject. For more details on his work  check out http://androidmathematics.com

Manas is inspired by the 3 giants who have revolutionized the mobile & technology industry – Apple for its pursuit of excellence & its attention to detail, Microsoft for a sound business model & the way it captured the OS market in the 80s & 90s & Google for it’s speed of innovation. His advice to fellow developers having worked on many successful projects is to ‘Never Give Up’.

With plans of building more apps for the education vertical, we are sure Manas will scale greater heights and make the Android community & India very proud. We wish Manas & his apps all the success and millions of downloads in the years ahead.

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