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July 26, 2016
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Marketers, the game enthusiast persona is your mobile marketing trump card


If there's one thing widely popular among smartphone users, it's mobile gaming. In fact, mobile gaming takes a significant amount of their time on smartphones for many of these users. We term these users as Gaming Enthusiasts.

Unlike casual mobile gamers, gaming enthusiasts do not play a mobile game because a friend or a relative recommended it. These users, on the contrary, are always on the lookout for new and engaging gaming content. Their penchant for discovery, research and the readiness to pay for gaming content makes them the perfect audience for marketers to engage them with mobile marketing.

How so? Let's look at some facts about these game enthusiasts first:

  • According and industry insight by Nielsen, gaming enthusiasts go beyond app stores to explore for new titles. They actively visit websites where mobile games are discussed and advertised.
  • These gamers often turn to game video streams on Facebook & YouTube to understand gameplay, the experience and features among other things. 87% of these gamers prefer YouTube compared to the 76% who prefer Facebook to watch game streams more than once a month, observes a Newzoo report.
  • Game enthusiasts are always open to trying out new games. Many of these games go on to become popular, making these users trendsetters. If they like any of the titles they try and they make noise about it, these games enthusiasts often end up acting as influencers or advocates aiding awareness.

Again, how does all this help marketers?

The fact that these gamers have a high discovery quotient, means marketers can target them on the media websites they frequent, on mobile, with the products they want to promote. 67% of game enthusiasts are males, most of whom are between the age of 21 and 35. This makes them the ideal audience for consumer electronics goods, lifestyle products such as energy drinks and even media and entertainment related promotions. In fact, these game enthusiasts also love to participate in outdoor sports and their high-spending habits on digital media makes them the perfect audience for promotions on sports goods, wearables and fitness products. Their opinion matters. Therefore marketers looking to create a buzz around their newly launched products can always use these users as influencers to spread the word.


The likelihood of clicking on an ad about 'something new' is higher with these users, which means the ad revenue opportunity is also bigger. They are informed users, which means a relevant ad is more likely to enjoy greater engagement. Their engagement with these ads can actually convert to intent, which may even further translate to a purchase.

So marketers, if you are looking to make the most out of your mobile marketing, be sure to play the game enthusiast card.

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