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Marketers in India are already reaping the fruits of mobile marketing


A myth that commonly prevails is that mobile marketing is yet to make great strides in APAC, especially in countries such as India. However, in a country where millennials swear by their smartphones, and mobile payments are becoming the new normal, marketers are fully aware that the only way to engage their current and the next consumer is on mobile.

This is clearly evident from the fact, that marketers in the country are increasingly relying on mobile marketing to reach out to their audience, given the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that it offers. If you think that marketers in India are yet to see any real success with mobile marketing, here are some numbers that will change your digital camapaign reach benchmarks

  • A recent Nielsen DAR study of digital campaigns suggests that 66% of digital campaigns in India had a mobile component, while the APAC average is just around 45%
  • Mobile campaigns focusing on millennials (between the age of 18 to 34 years) reached the intended audience 65% of the time as compared to desktops which had a 61% success rate
  • Interestingly, targeting the female users among millennials on mobile had a 64% success rate as compared to 44% on desktops
  • Furthermore, marketers in the Travel category saw a 70% success rate when targeting Millennials on mobile while those in the Computers & Electronics and Entertainment category saw 68% and 65% success rates respectively

This proves that marketers in India have already started incorporating mobile as a key component of their overall marketing strategy and it is yielding results beyond the industry expectations. In fact, a Zenith Ad-Ex forecast predicts that ad expenditure growth for India in 2017 stands at Rs.54, 344 crore, up by 11.2% over 2016. Therefore, if you're a marketer who on the fence about incorporating mobile in your India marketing strategy, go ahead and go the mobile marketing way.

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