An innovative mobile ad powered the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 in India
November 20, 2014
The Times of India
Vserv launches new re-targeting products
November 21, 2014

Marketers lap up re-targeting for screen-agnostic ‘always-on’ consumers


Today, E-commerce companies in emerging markets face a challenge of tackling the multi-screen consumer. According to Vserv research estimates, 98 per cent of these multi-screen users move between different devices and screens during their purchase journey. Of these, 91 per cent research the product on their mobile apps, and 66 per cent then make the purchase from their desktop.

To this effect, Vserv has rolled out 'Vserv Smart RT', a product that enables e-commerce companies to re-target these consumers with the right messages, right product and at the right time, thereby improving sales. Vserv Smart RT has been designed keeping the vagaries of emerging economies in mind, and has the unique capability of boosting conversion at a significantly higher rate. Vserv Smart RT captures user behaviour and intent, which enables e-commerce companies to reach out to the right consumer. This is done on the back of a robust smart data platform that augments individual user profiles, and using these results, creates a custom recommendation engine. These recommendations help e-commerce companies, market a relevant product to individual users, on a real-time basis, and with the highest rate of accuracy. You can read the full interview on exchange4media.


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