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Maruti Suzuki, the most popular and favourite car manufacturer in India, was looking to create awareness of its recently launched smart hybrid version of its Ciaz sedan. The Ciaz's smart hybrid technology (SHVS) boasts of building more fuel-efficient technology through features like power assist, idle engine start-stop, brake energy regeneration and gear-shift indicator.

In a market like India where mileage plays a key role in a customer's overall buying decision, Maruti wanted to promote this smart hybrid technology (SHVS). SVHS merges with the vehicle's brake energy through an integrated starter generator and converts the kinetic energy of the moving wheels into electricity stored in the battery, along with a start-stop system. This entire process boosts the overall mileage of the car.

Target Audience:

Our primary target audience were auto enthusiasts in India.

Approach & Execution:

Since customer knowledge is a key factor that influences a user's buying behavior in the Indian auto market, we leveraged Vserv Authentic Data & devised a creative strategy to educate Indian consumers about the technology by engaging with them on the rich media banner. Users were given a virtual experience of driving the car and applying the brake through a highly innovative rich media mobile ad. Through this ad, users could actually see the energy getting converted into mileage. After this immersive experience, users were then able to view the video of Maruti Ciaz that promoted the smart hybrid technology.

We created a rich media mobile banner where users were shown a view from the driver's seat of the car with the car's dashboard being displayed in the front. Users were then asked to drive the car and explore the new smart hybrid technology that regenerates the braking energy. While driving the car, users were shown the brake pedal on screen and asked to press the pedal to apply the brakes. Two dashboard meters were displayed on screen, one for energy stored in a normal vehicle and another for energy stored in a car powered by the unique SHVS technology. Users got to experience the SHVS meter rising when he / she applied the car brakes. After the SHVS energy meter rose, the user was then asked to tilt the mobile phone to experience how he / she could utilize that energy. Upon tilting the mobile screen, the Maruti Ciaz was displayed running swiftly on the road, thereby showcasing much better mileage and performance. On the final screen, the user was taken through the brand video along with a CTA button that redirected users to the Maruti Ciaz landing page, which contained further information about the new Maruti Ciaz smart hybrid.


The mobile ad campaign ran for a period of 7 days reaching over 2+ million users in India. More than 80,000 users engaged with the rich media mobile ad creative by applying the brakes of the car and witnessing the energy regeneration process. Additionally, more than 1,000 users registered their interest in test driving the Maruti Ciaz.

The mobile rich media ad campaign was a huge success and achieved its overall objective of educating Indian auto enthusiasts about Maruti Ciaz's innovative smart hybrid technology (SHVS).

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