30 years ago the world got introduced to the Commodore 64. A machine that enticed many young kids during its lifetime to become Software Developers, Hackers and geeks. When someone tells  us that they learnt development on the Commodore 64 (or any machine before it), they earn instant respect from us. We would like to remember Jack Tramiel & the Commodore 64 by featuring one of our developer partners who actually started programming on the Commodore 64. Matias Ini, or Mat as he is liked to be called, started programming games when he was 11 on his Commodore 64. With the love of computers in his heart, he completed his undergrad in Systems and later earned his Masters in Multimedia in Barcelona. From then onwards he has been building games across Web & Mobile.


Fact File
Name Matias Ini, Ingames
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Connect ingames.tv
Apps Nokia , Blackberry

In 2010 he attended his first meetup of the Blackberry development group in Argentina, which got him motivated to build games for mobile. Wasting little time, he came out with his first game “Crystal Balls”, a simple casual game where the player must combine 3 or more balls of the same color to make them explode. A few months later he released its free version “Crystal Balls Free” which was Ad supported, and is now one of the top 50 games on BlackBerry AppWorld, with more than 2 million downloads. Mat has also been featured by BlackBerry on their developer website. He then went on to build more games for BlackBerry & Nokia. He is currently porting his games for Android and iOS. His other games include Cube Match,Egyptian Jewels,Crystal Balls II & Explosive Bomb.

Growth to revenue graph

Growth Graph

When we asked Mat about his experience with Vserv.mobi, he stated “We had a very good relationship right from the start. What I really love about Vserv.mobi, is the simplicity of Ad integration. You don’t need to touch a single line of code!!! I have lost a lot of time in trying to integrate other ad networks. I would recommend Vserv.mobi as I have seen great growth in revenues with them. They also help in getting additional free downloads through their partners.”


Staying true to his geek nature, he does not go anywhere without his laptop and his iPad on which he has his vast collection of DC Comics. We wish him the best  & may the force be with him.


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