Positioned as the gateway to the Middle East, Jordan is emerging today as one of the most ideal locations for the Gaming industry. Developers in Jordan benefit from many natural advantages such as a bilingual work force (English and Arabic), a convenient time zone, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and an open-economy. Jordan based, Maysalward has been one such entrepreneurial journey in the Gaming industry, becoming amongst the first mobile game development company born in the Middle East.Nour Kharis

Founded in November 2003 by Nour Khrais, Maysalward has been recognised as a leading player in the Gaming space with their portfolio including cross-platform multiplayer games, social network interactive games and apps. Operating out of two development studios in Amman & Irbid, Maysalward boasts a highly diverse & professional workforce of more than 22 developers.

Under a glocalized vision, they have designed and developed some of the most popular mobile games like Balot, Trix, Tarneeb and Carrom & Taw. By developing a strong expertise in Mobile Gaming, they enabled their technologies on platforms ranging from J2ME, Symbian, Blackberry, Android & iOS in addition to social networks such as Facebook. Some of the popular games developed by the Maysalward team include Penalty Shootout, Street Football, Super Arcanoid and Asterock, amongst others.

Fact File
Name Maysalward
Location Jordan
Connect Website, Facebook, Twitter
Apps Play Store, Apple StoreBlackberry, Nokia Store

Nour Khrais is also the founding board member and Chairman of Jordan Gaming Task Force, an open and independent coalition of Jordan’s premier gaming companies. Sharing his experience on monetizing his mobile games, Nour says, “The Vserv AppWrapper has been instrumental in our efforts and changed how we looked at monetization. It allowed us to ad enable our games rapidly and give them away for free to our customers, and yet grow our revenues.”

Given that Gaming is a fast changing industry, Nour advises developers to stay determined to succeed and leverage the worldwide market that mobile gaming offers. We wish the Maysalward team great success, and hope they keep shining as the leading light in the MENA region for gaming developers.

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