Known as the Tech Hub of India – Bangalore is amongst the eight most famous technology & innovation clusters in the world. One of the key reasons behind this is the right combination of intelligence & talent brimming in the youth and the culture of entrepreneurism. Surrounded by this culture, Vijayaprakash Ranagappa founded Mobi2Fun; a mobile apps development and publishing studio.


Mobi2Fun began their operations in 2009 with the sole vision of change the perception of mobile games by developing exciting games with incredible user experiences. Keeping that in mind, Mobi2Fun churned out several games across all mobile platforms & some of their most popular apps include Run Mojo Run, Stick Ville Run, those developed for MTV Stuntmania & Mumbai Rajdhani Express among others.

Mobi2Fun’s growth as a company is inspiring & we are glad to work with them as their App Monetization partner. On their experience with Vserv, Vijayaprakash Ranagappa says “Vserv’s AppWrapper truly lives up to having the ‘simplest approach to app monetization’. It not only saved our time on coding but helped us see an exceptional increase in our revenue.  We’re glad to have discovered a supportive partner in Vserv!”

Fact File
Name Mobi2Fun
Location Bangalore, India
Connect Website
Apps Nokia Ovi

Driven by their vision, Mobi2Fun strives to make an impactful mark on the map of mobile gaming. We are sure the team at Mobi2Fun will continue to deliver excellent games & wish them all the best.

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