hallsCadbury’s cough drop Halls is positioned as a soothing cure for a sore throat that starts working within 10 seconds of consumption. First launched in India in 1968, Halls came under the Cadbury Group in 2003 and soon became one of the leading mint brands. A product that has enjoyed tremendous mass appeal and is widely acknowledged for its witty TVCs, Halls recently forayed into mobile as a medium to convey a social message.

The brand created a campaign named as ‘Breathe The Change’ targeted at the youth spread across India. It was initiated to connect with a specific demographic for a social cause. Halls leveraged Vserv’s platform to reach out to the youth on mobile.

A mobile ad campaign was created featuring a premium full screen ad which asked the audience to ‘Light Up A Village With Their Breath’. It prompted the user to ‘Click to Call’ on a toll free number which would record his ‘breath’. For every call a user made to record the breath, Halls promised to set up an equivalent number of windmills in a village with poor electricity infrastructure.

The campaign garnered a good response from its audience and invoked a sense of social responsibility among them. In a duration of four weeks, the campaign delivered a total of 13,43,572 ‘Click to Call‘ engagements and over 10.1% of those calls led to the objective being achieved.

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