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January 8, 2015

How a mobile ad campaign helped Magnum create a buzz about its new ice cream flavors


Magnum2Premium ice cream brand Magnum wanted to launch a new product variant called Magnum Infinity in the Indonesian market. This new variant would offer a rich chocolate flavor with its unique chocolate recipe.

The brand wanted to promote this launch through a Twitter campaign. The intended target audience for this mobile ad campaign was male and female smartphone users in Indonesia, between the age of 20 and 35. This user group accesses Twitter largely from their smartphones, tweets a lot through the day, and a lot of times, these tweets also include pictures.

Leveraging mobile to reach out to consumers
The idea was to create a rich media mobile ad campaign that would allow the user to directly tweet from within the mobile ad. The mobile ad campaign was part of an all-encompassing marketing strategy that included both ATL and BTL executions.

However, this mobile ad campaign would provide the platform to quickly reach out to a large user base and create awareness. It would also get them talking about the brand instantly with tweets and pictures and maximize their participation in the Twitter contest.

Magnum came up with a two-phase campaign strategy that would allow taking the product to the masses in a controlled manner. The first phase offered exclusivity. To prioritize distribution for the product, the brand asked people to tweet for "limited" Magnum Infinity to be distributed in their city.

The city with the most tweets will get to try the limited Magnum Infinity first. By doing this, each tweet represented a chance for his or her city to try the product first before everyone else.

To sustain excitement and drive sales, Magnum launched phase two of the campaign where consumers' tweets earned them a chance to go on a trip to London with Luna Maya, a popular Indonesian TV and movie actress. The person who collects the most points wins. To participate, one can either tweet or buy the product and put in the unique code on the site.

Vserv created a click-to-tweet enabled rich media ad that allowed users to participate in the Twitter contest from within the ad. The campaign was targeted across Vserv's in-app and mobile web inventory on smartphones across Indonesia. The mobile ad campaign ran for a month.

A taste of success
The rich media ad was titled 'Pleasure Trip'. The title signified a travel opportunity and while reinforcing Magnum's brand philosophy of providing a pleasurable experience. The ad effectively showcased Magnum Infinity as a brand and the background featured an image of London. Users had to tweet from the interface within the ad mentioning @MYMAGNUMID and #MAGNUMTRIP.

Every such tweet earned them points. There was limit of 500 points in a day. As the mobile ad would be displayed multiple times through the month, the user could participate through the month and earn points.

The mobile ad campaign ran for a month and saw over 200,000 tweets generated directly via the rich media ad within that period. A total of 3,016,713 impressions were generated and 48,649 clicks were delivered. The overall Click-through Rate (CTR) for the campaign was 1.61%.

By providing consumers an interface to tweet from within the ad, the campaign got them talking about the brand and their experience with Magnum Infinity. It helped Magnum successfully reach out to its intended target audience and create a buzz among them about Magnum Infinity. It helped them ensure continuous user engagement and increase overall brand recall for Magnum Infinity at every step of the campaign.


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