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How a mobile ad campaign made a difference to the Xperia Z2 launch


Sony has a long standing tradition of offering smartphones with excellent camera and multimedia capabilities. Riding on the success of its very popular Xperia Z and Xperia Z1 flagship smartphones, Sony launched its next successor in the Z series, the Xperia Z2.

Sony was looking to showcase the Xperia Z2 as the best Android smartphone in the market, offering best-in-class camera and water & dust resistance features. The company also wanted to promote its Smartband as a part of the package.

Attention to Detail
Through a campaign titled 'Details make the difference' Sony wanted to reach out to premium smartphone users and showcase the attention to detail that has gone into the various features of the Xperia Z2. Sony wanted to reach out to the tech-savvy smartphone users in India who are always looking for devices that provide a feature-rich technology experience. They keep upgrading to new devices to get a flavor of the latest technology in the market. Much of their evaluation about a new device is done on how it is better than their current device.

The solution was a mobile ad campaign with the same title. The campaign started with a banner ad showcasing an image of an Xperia Z2 with the tagline: Details make the difference. Tapping on the ad took the user to a full screen ad with an image of Xperia Z2's camera lens. It then took the user to an image of the smartphone being immersed in water and showcased its water and dust proof abilities. The ad also included an image of Sony's Smartband.

It was followed by an image of phone, wherein tapping on a particular part of the device displayed its features. There were two buttons that prompted the user to 'Know More' or 'Watch Video'. The first took the user to the India website of Xperia Z2, while the second played a YouTube video showcasing the various features of the phone.

Details did make a difference
The ad campaign featured a simple yet effective creative showcasing the features of the smartphone. By prompting the user to interact with the ad, it ensured that a good brand recall was established about the camera and other key features of the Xperia Z2.

In just two days, the campaign saw more than 2 million impressions, 50% of which came from unique viewers. Of the users who engaged with the ad, almost 13% of the users clicked to watch the product video, over 17% of the users went further to Sony's product page and over 28% of the users explored the 'tap and drag to zoom' feature. With 15,000 clicks, the campaign achieved a CTR of 0.72%.

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