Dove drives trials for it’s new body lotion
November 16, 2012
Digeebird Techno Solutions (India)- Developer of The Week
November 19, 2012

With a mobile ad, Dove got 10,000 Indonesian women to try out its body lotion


DoveDove (Unilever) is one of the world’s leading Personal & Beauty care brand for women who believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. The brand was looking to reach out to women across Indonesia to promote its Dove body lotion and drive trials.

Indonesia has a growing mobile phone user base and women form a large part of this user group. Mobile also provides the quickest and the most interactive way of reaching out to consumers and engaging them effectively.

Therefore, a mobile campaign was created for a target audience that included women between the age of 18 to 39 years who are savvy mobile users. By reaching out to this audience, Dove was looking to acquire more women customers by encouraging to try out the body lotion and offered them a 25% discount on registering with their name and mobile number.

The mobile campaign featured full screen ads that were pushed across all OS platforms. Vserv helped Dove reach its target audience through unique in-app billboard full screen ad media, targeting relevant app categories.

The result was a highly successful campaign that delivered a CTR of 9% with a post click conversion ratio of 8%. Dove got more than 10,000 registrations within a span of 8 days. Mobile forms an important aspect of the media mix in Unilever’s marketing campaigns across the globe. The results from this campaign driven by Vserv have been very encouraging and displayed the real potential of the medium.

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