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January 13, 2015
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How a mobile ad got 3 million Indonesians interested in the Axe Apollo Space Academy


Axe Apollo2Popular men's deodorant brand Axe launched a new variant called Axe Apollo and was looking to leverage on the theme of outer space to promote the new variant. The brand had created a global mobile ad campaign, 'Leave a Man, Come back a Hero' which gave the common man an opportunity to win a trip to outer space. Axe also wanted to reach out to consumers in Indonesia and promote the new variant through this campaign.

Finding Axe-stronauts via mobile
Internet consumption in Indonesia is the highest on mobile devices. Leveraging on this and the campaign's initial success, the brand decided to take the campaign to the next level. A mobile ad campaign named Axe Apollo Academy created with an objective to tap into the aspirational value attached to travelling to outer space.

However, the common young man in Indonesia did not perceive a trip to outer space as cool or exciting. Therefore the campaign encouraged its audience to join the Axe Apollo Academy Program to get exclusive VIP access to cool 'pit-stops' around the country.

The strategy was to make him appear cool by encouraging him to be seen at 'cool' places, in the company of 'cool' people, doing 'cool' things. All these activities increased his cool credentials that were extended to mobile. The campaign promoted the idea of being an 'Axe-stronaut' surrounded by 'hot' women and chilling out with friends, something that found great acceptance among the young men in Indonesia.

Mobile: A great launch pad for Axe Apollo
The 'Axe Apollo Space Academy' campaign ran for a period of 80 days. reached 3.3 million consumers, delivering 132,406,288 impressions with an overall CTR of 0.36%. 23% of the users engaged with the campaign while 4.32% registered with the Apollo Academy. Nearly three-fourth of the campaign audience was able to correctly associate the Axe brand with the campaign. The purchase intent went up from 42% to 54% while there was a 7% increase in advocacy level among the consumers that were exposed to the campaign.

The result was that the campaign succeeded in creating an aspirational value about being an astronaut in a population that did not even perceive it to be exciting. Indonesia also saw the highest number of registrations among all countries that participated in the global campaign.


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