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June 17, 2015
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June 23, 2015

How mobile gave Sunsilk the 'Perfect' way to promote its shampoo


Sunsilk Perfect Straight case study featuredSunsilk, one of Unilever's leading shampoo brands, was looking to promote its 'Sunsilk Perfect' product as the ideal shampoo to achieve 'a straight hair day, everyday'. The brand was looking to create awareness about the shampoo and highlight its hair-straightening benefits.

Malaysia has a mobile penetration of 144% and 35% of them being smartphone users. Therefore mobile was the perfect medium to reach out to the target audience: women who were 21 years and older and loved styling their hair. Malaysian women use their mobile devices for everything from networking to reading to sharing to even using it is a tool for self-development. This insight made the choice of mobile medium even easier.

An intuitive and innovative mobile campaign
The mobile ad campaign which ran for 25 days was pushed on mobile apps and sites as a full screen mobile ad and as a standard banner communication on feature phones. A full-screen rich media mobile ad was created that featured an image of a woman washing her hair. The campaign was a simple 3-step guide to perfect straight hair.

Step 1 – Users were prompted to tap their mobile screen and apply the shampoo to the model's hair. As the users tapped the screen, the bottle moved towards the model and the shampoo was applied to the model's hair.
Step 2 – Users were prompted to swipe and rinse their hair.
Step 3 – Finally the users were asked to scratch on the screen to dry the model's hair straight.

Once users completed all three steps, they were redirected to the Facebook brand page where they could share their comments on the product.

A straight shot to success
Through its engaging and intuitive creative, the mobile ad campaign was able to successfully engage users and create awareness. Since this banner ad displayed the product usage and benefits it gave an intuitive experience on the smartphone, it drove brand messaging down to the tee. This has been tried several times in mainstream media but it was the first attempt made towards sharing the product usage with the audience via an interactive mobile banner. Mobile touch screen features like tap, swipe and scratch were utilized to engage with users.

The campaign had an engagement rate that crossed 8%, which included all aspects i.e. tapping, swiping and scratching on the screen to use the shampoo. This is way above the industry average of 2%. Apart from this, the Facebook interaction rate was 21% (clicks on Facebook call to action). Overall, the mobile ad campaign had an extremely positive influence on the brand in terms of reach and engagement.

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