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Mobile marketing in Indonesia: Fantastic results and where to find them


As far as smartphone adoption in Southeast Asia goes, Indonesia has always been a market to watch out for. In fact, according to eMarketer, smartphone users in Indonesia grew by 18% from 55.4 million in 2015 to 65.2 million in 2016.

Much of this adoption has also fueled the rise of smartphone as the preferred device for a lot of things that Indonesians do on a daily basis. In fact, when it comes to pre-purchase research, 76% of users choose smartphones as compared to 68% who turn towards desktops.

With more Indonesians flocking towards smartphones for their digital content and service needs, marketers have promptly shifted focus on their mobile marketing strategies. And although it is yielding the results, here is an interesting trend that we think can go a long way in helping them better engage their audience on mobile.

Where do they see your ads?

According to an eMarketer survey, when it comes to the channels where they noticed ads, respondents said that ads on news sites or embedded in digital video were the most visible. More than 68% of mobile internet users noticed ads while checking news sites, while nearly 60% said they noticed ads while consuming video. 52% said that they are more likely to notice an ad in a mobile game.

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How do you engage them better?

Marketers should leverage native ads to engage their audience on news  sites as these ads seamlessly blend in to appear as a part of the content stream, making the overall ad experience highly engaging.  In fact, 52% of the smartphone users are more likely to engage with a native ad, and these ad are estimated to deliver close to 40% higher CTR than other mobile ad campaigns.

For the video-loving audience, pre-roll and post-roll video ads are the best way to engage them, while rewarded video ads work great for engaging the mobile gaming audience. Almost 46% mobile gamers prefer to engage with rewarded video ads over other ads in mobile games.

Rest assured, mobile marketing is yielding great results for marketers in Indonesia. However, to make the most of it, marketers need to ensure that they engage with their users, where the users are, in a way that is most relevant to them.

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