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Mobile marketing with Rewarded Video Ads: Suitable for all ages


No, it's not a disclaimer. It is how smartphone users are responding to rewarded video ads today. Increasingly, smartphone consumers, irrespective of whether Generation X, Y or Z are choosing to engage with rewarded video ads as they believe that this engagement is actually bringing them some value besides informing them or making them aware of a product or a service.

However, before we look at this trend in a bit more detail, let us consider a few facts. Video as an ad format itself has seen rapid proliferation over the last few years. Mobile Ad preferenceThe ability to pack in a lot more of the message in a lot less time, in a manner that is captivating for the user has made video ads popular among advertisers and consumers alike.

According to a Millward Brown study, video ads have rapidly caught up with display ads which have been around much longer. 55% of Gen X consumers (those between the ages of 35 to 49) respond positively to video ads. This number is a considerably high – 65% for Gen Y consumers (those between the ages of 20 to 34) while Gen Z consumers (those between the ages of 16 to 19) account for 47%.

Prefered Mobile Video Ad-formatsWhen we look at what kind of video ads these users prefer, it is then that rewarded video ads top the charts. While rewarded video ads see a 70% positive receptivity from Gen X consumers, they enjoy the highest positive receptivity from Gen Y users at 74%. About 67% of the Gen X consumers responded positively to Gen Z.

What these insights tell you is that be it Gen X, Y or Z, every generation of smartphone consumers is receptive to rewarded video ads. Rewarded video ads are the mainstay of mobile advertising when it comes mobile gaming, which also tells you that mobile games are popular across all generations of smartphone consumers. This means now you can reach out to every generation of smartphone users, with focused mobile marketing campaigns, leveraging the power of rewarded video ads.

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