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February 18, 2015
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February 24, 2015

Mobile video ads are the next big engagement tool for new age marketers


Mobile has truly changed the way people consume video. The idea of being able to watch videos in a manner that's more personal, leisurely, 'at your own time', is increasingly making smartphones a popular choice for watching videos.

A recent Cisco VNI estimate suggests that by the end of 2014, video traffic made up for 55% of the global mobile data traffic. Recognizing the opportunity and value that video can bring to their mobile marketing efforts, marketers have increasingly started leveraging video ads to engage their consumers on mobile.

Mobile-Ads-Deliver-6X-CTR! (2)Consumers are also showing higher receptiveness towards mobile video ads due to their immersive nature and the ability to showcase content in a far more engaging way. Insights derived from our exchange data point to a similar trend where close to 60% of all mobile users having watched more than three fourth of the video ad's runtime length. Mobile video ads results almost 6 times increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR).

For the mobile marketer today, the dynamic nature of the mobile ecosystem is making it increasingly challenging to grab their consumers' attention and get their messaging across while keeping them engaged, and yet not inducing fatigue. Videos ads let them do just that.


With so much video being consumed on smartphones today, now is the perfect time for marketers to jump onto the video ad bandwagon and make the most of the opportunity it presents.

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