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How National Geographic Channel cracked the code to winning its audience with a mobile ad


What if you knew there was an easier, albeit cooler way to open a can of soda perfectly? Or, if you knew a trick that came in handy every time you wanted to win 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'? What if there was a TV show that taught you 'How to win at everything'? It is obvious that all this would have you really excited.

Synonymous with exploring popular science, technology, natural history, wildlife and more, the National Geographic Channel (NGC) was coming up with a new TV show. Called 'How to win at everything', the show would be based on a theme 'How and why certain tricks work in everyday scenarios?' The show would feature hacks for things that are part of our day-to day-lives; such as ironing clothes, opening a can perfectly, how to win at rock, paper scissor etc. in a way that they would make our lives simpler. Some hacks included outdoor activities too like slacklining, pulling a truck etc.

A sneak-peek into daily life hacks

NGC was looking to reach out to as many Indian audiences as possible and what better way to do it than a mobile ad campaign on smartphones. The aim was to tap a wide audience, create brand awareness and drive more viewership when the show is launched, while informing users about the theme of the show.

Smartphones would not just provide NGC the scale and speed, but also a highly immersive and interactive medium to engage with the audience. It was also the right medium to reach out to the intended audience: those who frequently play logic-based games and watch science-based shows.

True to this, we created an innovative campaign where an interactive rich-media ad would ask the audience to try out a hack, say, removing a piece from a bar of chocolate without anyone noticing. It then encourages users to add a reminder event to their smartphone calendar, to watch NGC's 'How to Win at Everything'.

Winning the audience with a simple innovation

The mobile ad campaign clicked really well for its target audience, as it saw over 2.4 million impressions in just 4 days! The ad campaign had a Click-Through Rate (CTR) of a whopping 12.38%, way beyond the industry average.

What made this ad so popular among its audience was the fact that it brilliantly showcased a TV show on a smartphone. Most people love watching television, but when they get such a simple yet immersive preview of what's in store for them, they have something to look forward to. This was evident from the fact that over 2000 calendar invitations were sent out to users. Not only did the campaign attract the relevant audience, but it also led to a bump in viewership numbers.

The campaign also recently bagged the Silver award at Smarties by MMA India.

Here's the video of the 'How to Win at Everything' campaign

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