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National Geographic Channel successfully launched its new TV show riding on this gamified mobile ad


National Geographic Channel Brain Boosters case study featuredIndian television today has hundreds of channels, each fighting for the viewer's attention, trying to woo them with content that is differentiating and entertaining. Therefore, when popular knowledge-based channel National Geographic Channel (NGC) wanted to launch its new show 'Brain Boosters', it wanted to promote the show as not just knowledge-based but also highly entertaining.

The channel is known for its shows that explore popular science, technology, natural history, wildlife among others. Thus, the aim was to reach out to a wide audience, create brand awareness about the new show being both educating and entertaining and thus drive more viewership when the show is launched.

Reaching out to the TV viewer on smartphones
Today's consumers are multi-screen. While they watch a lot of television, they also prefer to access content on their smartphones. With a mobile ad campaign we wanted to reach out to mobile internet user base in India that has a thirst for knowledge-based content. These multi-screen users watch quite a number of knowledge-based TV shows and are also always accessing such content on their smartphones.

The target media for the mobile ad was chosen based on the usage and consumption of users. The campaign targeted users who generally play logic based games and consume science-based shows. The campaign was pushed across all key publishers of Vserv in India.

A brain game for the smartphone user
The aim was to enable users to experience the show's brain games on their smartphones so as to generate interest among the target audience about the launch of the new show.

A rich media mobile ad was created featuring two sections. One section played the video for the launch of NGC Brain Boosters. The other section featured an interested numbers-based brain game that the user could play by clicking on it. On taking the quiz, the user was prompted to click to know more and the ad would take the user to National Geographic Channel's twitter handle.

The result was a mobile ad campaign that was highly successful. It not only achieved its objectives, but also surpassing the set targets. The average time of user engagement was 30 seconds (during which each user clicked on the ad at least 5 times while engaging with the ad unit or to visit the landing page) which was well past the industry average of 10-15 seconds.

For NGC, the campaign helped the channel attract relevant audience and take the message across to them effectively in an engaging manner. The fact that users actively participated in the game and went on to know more about the show indicates that the campaign was able to generate awareness and interest among the users around the launch of the show, translating into increased viewership. It also helped National Geographic Channel position itself as a channel that offers knowledge-based content in an entertaining way.



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