Vserv-NavicueWhen one thinks of Finland, the first thing that comes to mind is mobile phones thanks to Nokia and more recently the very popular game Angry Birds. What Finland is also known the world over, is for it’s whooper swan, the retreating glaciers and in short everything connected with water. There is also a popular saying that ‘The Finn is the most watery person in Europe’. So, it’s little wonder that these two dominant features of the country were behind the inception of Navicue Mobile.

Vserv-NavicueThe original idea behind Navicue was to build mobile nautical apps for motor boating.  Soon, this hobby became a passion and Navicue was clear that creating mobile apps was their true calling. Their first app was Driver Plus, an app that let’s drivers maintain driving and fuel logs about car drives and fuel consumption. One of their most popular apps is Quake Map – using this app a mobile user can monitor real time earthquake information globally.

Developers from Finland have been ahead of the curve, fuelling the innovation cycle when it comes to mobile app development. On partnering with Vserv for monetizing their apps, Teemu Sipila, CTO, Navicue Mobile states,”When it comes to monetization, our approach has been to use both the free and paid model. We have been using Vserv’s AppWrapper for Ads on our free apps and must say that it is extremely easy to use and  integrate, saving us a lot of time and resources”.

Fact File
Name Navicue Mobile
Location Finland
Connect Website
Apps Ovi

Having already been successful building utility mobile apps, Navicue’s future plans include building mobile gaming apps for multiple platforms. We are sure that in the coming years Navicue Mobile will create waves with their apps and wish them all the best.

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