Vserv.mobi launches the WP8 SDK to enable advertising based monetization for Windows Phone Developers

Vserv challenge of $100,000 on Nokia’s DVLUP, the unique developer rewards program, providing developers a chance to double their ad revenues

Vserv.mobi to double one month’s revenue of developers as follows:

  • Max upto $100 per developer for 1,000 developers who participate in the DVLUP Vserv challenge
  • Max upto $1000 per multi-app publisher for 10 companies

November 18, 2013, New Delhi: Nokia and Vserv.mobi, an award winning mobile advertising exchange, today announced the launch of the $100,000 Vserv challenge for developers on Nokia’s DVLUP, the recently launched unique gamification Windows Phone developer rewards program. The announcement of the challenge follows the launch by Vserv.mobi of its WP8 SDK to enable advertising based monetization for Windows Phone developers.

Under the Vserv DVLUP challenge, developers stand a chance to double a month’s earnings with cumulative awards of $100,000 to be given out by the end of the year. Overall as part of DVLUP, rewards worth Rs. 3.5 crores will be up for grab for developers in India.

All a developer needs to do is participate in Vserv challenge on DVLUP (@ www.dvlup.com) and develop Windows Phone 8 apps using the Vserv SDK. The challenge is open for all developers.

“Over the years, Nokia has been committed to not only the growth of Windows Phone Store but also providing incremental monetization opportunities for our developers. We are excited to work with Vserv.mobi to help enhance monetization opportunities for Windows Phone 8 developers. With the Vserv challenge on DVLUP, developers will not only earn points, empowering them to promote their app, thereby creating a more transparent and fair app ecosystem where developers are not only in control of their own success but also monetize their content. We believe that this will reinvigorate the mobile internet ecosystem by allowing developers to accelerate their monetisation efforts and trigger innovation,.” said Viral Oza, Director Marketing, Nokia India.     

The service includes a downloadable SDK that allows developers and multi-app publishers to integrate over 10 mobile ad formats. It also enables premium full screen launch, exit ads, Global hybrid mediation and analytics.

​Binay Tiwari, Director – Global Marketing & Product, Vserv.mobi, said “Enabling App Developers to monetize their efforts is the foundation of today’s App economy, as it triggers a sustained innovation cycle. Vserv.mobi strives towards offering comprehensive cross-platform app monetization solutions to developers, and our all-new Windows Phone 8 SDK is reflective of this approach. Through our partnership with Nokia for the DVLUP challenge, our new SDK’s advanced capabilities will help developer’s fast-track monetization of their games and apps. This will drive higher earnings and rewards for developers, thus make a significant impact towards growing the app ecosystem on Windows Phone 8 platform.”

 To be part of Nokia’s Vserv challenge, developers can submit their apps on DVLUP. Valid apps will then be approved by Nokia, giving developers 250 points for maximum 2 apps. At the final stage, Vserv.mobi will take a snapshot of the revenues earned by developers on 31st Dec; and reward developers with the double money offer



About Nokia

Nokia is a global leader in mobile communications whose products have become an integral part of the lives of people around the world. Every day, more than 1.3 billion people use their Nokia to capture and share experiences, access information, find their way or simply to speak to one another. Nokia’s technological and design innovations have made its brand one of the most recognized in the world. For more information, visit http://www.nokia.com/about-nokia.

About Nokia DVLUP

Nokia’s DVLUP is a unique rewards program for Windows Phone and Asha developers, and is now available in more than 20 countries globally. Designed to confront the industry-wide challenge of app discoverability, DVLUP empowers developers to increase the visibility and success of their applications.

About Vserv.mobi

Vserv.mobi is an award winning mobile advertising exchange focused on Emerging Markets that maximizes the value of mobile media for advertisers, developers, publishers and telecom operators. Powered by the award winning AudiencePro™ and AppWrapper™ platforms, Vserv.mobi has delivered mobile advertising experiences for leading Fortune 500 brands and digital media companies across 200 countries. AudiencePro™ leverages privacy -compliant operator subscriber data and user profiling to enable credible audience targeting capabilities on the Vserv.mobi advertising exchange. AppWrapper™ is an independent platform that enables the “One Click” integration of SDKs for app developers across advertising, in-app purchases, analytics, bug tracking and more. The company has a global presence, with offices across the US, UK, South Africa, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Funded by IDG ventures, Vserv.mobi was founded in January 2010.For more information, please visit www.vserv.com.

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