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May 5, 2015
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A Note-worthy success story: Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case study featured

The mobile landscape in India is overcrowded with a plethora of devices available from various manufacturers across different price ranges. Samsung was launching its next flagship in the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy Note 4 and wanted to position the device as a clutter-breaking offering that that enables consumers to be more productive, get greater access to entertainment and flaunt their latest smartphone in style.

The brand was also looking to showcase the unique S-pen feature of the Note 4 that improves productivity by making routine tasks on the smartphone easier and interesting.

Reaching out to the smartphone-savvy consumer
For the launch of the Note 4, Samsung wanted to reach out to businessmen and service professionals in India. This audience wanted a device that offers technology that not just improves productivity but can also be a status symbol. The target audience also included students and housewives.

The idea was to create a mobile ad campaign where a full screen rich-media ad would showcase the hardware and software features of the Note 4. It would also demonstrate the S-Pen's capabilities in an engaging manner and get this audience interested in the smartphone.

A virtual experience of the Note 4
Having tasted success with mobile ad campaigns that showcase the features of a smartphone, we decided to take this idea to the next level. By emulating a key feature of the Note 4 on other smartphones we wanted the target audience to have a near hands-on experience of the phone.

The campaign was run across Vserv's premium set of publishers. The rich media ad, advertised the features of the new Note 4, and prompted the user to discover more about the smartphone. On clicking on the ad, the user was greeted with an image of the S-Pen to explore the feature. The user could write a note, scribble or draw within the ad. It then encouraged the user to click to know more, which directed him to the Galaxy Note 4 website.

Success that is Note-worthy
Capitalizing on Vserv's access to a nationwide mobile internet user base, the campaign saw a lot of success. The average user engagement time was 30 seconds (during which users clicked on the ad at least 5 times), which was well past the industry average of 10 to 15 seconds.

The mobile ad campaign enabled Samsung to reach out to a wide but relevant audience with its messaging about the Galaxy Note 4. With its innovative and simple approach, the campaign was able to get the message across, create brand awareness and recall in a simple but precise and highly interactive manner.


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