Making sure you get relevant ads!

Our AudiencePro platform strives to make mobile ads relevant for you, the consumer. However it is important that you know that we care deeply about protecting your privacy. The AudiencePro platform is built to ensure that we meet the highest standards of privacy protection and offer you flexibility and control. Our platform works by using broad categories to serve relevant ads, and does not use any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Further, this information is never stored by Vserv, and remains secure with your Telecom network provider in their data centers. Please be assured that this data is never shared with any third party, and is used solely to enable a more relevant advertising experience for you.

If you want to have the best mobile advertising experience, we would recommend you to keep AudiencePro Ads enabled.Still concerned? You can disable ads from our AudiencePro platform. Please remember that even after you Opt-Out of AudiencePro, you will continue to receive ads on your mobile device, but we will no longer be using the AudiencePro specific targeting parameters to make them relevant.

To opt-out, please provide your mobile number (including country code):