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January 8, 2018
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Orient captivates more than 1.25 million users with an engaging mobile ad, through Vserv Authentic Data




Orient Electric Limited (OEL), a part of the Indian conglomerate CK Birla Group wished to create awareness about its new range of LED lighting.


Captivating an audience of online buyers and build interest about the new Orient LED batten light with an engaging ad campaign.

Vserv Solution

Orient being a modern company providing smart electric solutions, to bring experiential marketing into. Leveraging Vserv Authentic Data that has over 328 million users with more than 70+ attributes assigned to them, we identified an audience of e-commerce buyers, deal seekers, corporate and IT professionals will be most suited for OEL and its new LED batten light.

To engage with our target audience, we used rich media campaign that enabled users to experience the product being offered. To establish why a user should switch to Orient LED lights, we first introduced the drawbacks of a conventional tube light. The interactive mobile ad campaign showed a conventional tube light flickering for a few seconds and prompted the viewer to perform designated gesture on their mobile screens to experience the all new Orient LED batten light. The next screen showcased the amount of energy and money the user could save by choosing to use Orient's new age LED lights. A 'Know More' button on the same screen would take interested users to Orient LED lighting solutions web page.


Results for Orient


The interactive mobile ad coupled with Vserv Authentic Data ensured great success for Orient LED campaign, reaching over a whopping 1.25 million unique users and delivering up to 1.4 million impressions. The campaign delivered a fantastic engagement rate of 3.72% which means over 45,000 users interacted with the ad, and over 3000 users showed interested in discovering more about Orient's LED lighting solutions.


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