India is a very unique market for brands considering that there are more mobile phones in India than toothbrushes!

Also, like most emerging markets, the mobile internet usage in India has overtaken PC internet usage.

With such deep penetration & usage of the mobile medium, brands are now realising the importance of Mobile Advertising and aggressively adopting it.

Over the past quarter, the network has witnessed a 3X growth in brand clients portfolio. While some of this was led by strong market demand, a bigger reason perhaps is our unique offering for brand advertisers.


Advertising Partners

Brand advertisers look for 4 key parameters, and on each of them the network delivers beyond expectations / industry benchmarks:

1. Targeted Reach, at scale – we are the only Global Mobile Ad Network to offer App media across feature phone, smartphones & tablets with hyper targeting.

2. High Impact Ad formats – we offer Full screen, rich media ads served at launch & exit of Apps. The ads are unmissable, uncluttered and deliver the same level of impact on feature phones as well as smart phones.

3. Engagement metrics – our ads deliver a ~10% CTR and post click conversion is always exceptional since our premium format eliminates the chances of accidental clicks.

4. Performance based Costs – while most ad networks would charge a CPM rate for such premium ads, we believe in the concept of delivering “Branding impact, at performance pricing” and thus charge only for actual clicks.

We clearly have been pushing the envelope, and offer brands a compelling choice to commence their Mobile Advertising journey. Some of the marquee names amongst our new clients are top brands such as Mahindra & Mahindra, Microsoft, KFC, ICICI Bank, Airtel, Nokia, Titan, Toyota, General Motors, Mid-Day, Dulux, Maruti and Aircel.


Agencies like Vivaki too are recognising the potential of mobile and are moving fast to lead the space. They recently held a special “Mobile Day” at each of their offices in Mumbai & Delhi, introducing the power of mobile to their rank & file. Their leadership teams are clearly investing in mobile strategic planning and creative expertise as brands increasingly look to integrate mobile into their media and marketing strategies.

The industry trackers too are seeing the same strong adoption trends. Leading business news channel in India, CNBC Awaaz recently featured on their show “Brand Bazaar” and did a cover story on how Mobile Advertising has become an integral part of the marketing mix for brands in India.

All this augurs well for the mobile advertising industry and we are excited to lead this revolution across emerging markets.

As part of our efforts to help more brands & agencies understand the mobile space, we are commencing a roadshow across emerging markets. If you would like us to include your brand / agency, just drop us a line on and we’ll do our best to schedule a session at the earliest.

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