This past weekend we caught up over pizza, with the good folks at Blrdroid (Bangalore Android Developer meet-up), and showed them the awesomeness that AppWrapper is!

For the uninitiated, our AppWrapper gives “Super Powers” to your App in One Click!  Yup – One Click – No coding required! Now, isn’t that just pure awesomeness!

So what are the “Super Powers” the App Wrapper can enable? Well, read on to find out!

In One Click, the AppWrapper can:

  1. Create NEW premium ad inventory – which will give you additional income! Over and above what you are already earning. So that’s additional income from just One Click of the AppWrapper!

  2. Enable you to earn $5 for every 1000 times your app is launched – you read that right. That’s the power of our launch ad format – it consistently delivers ~$5 eCPM.

  3. Ensure global fill rates of over 90% – so you monetize your user wherever in the world they may download your app. The AppWrapper enables this by pulling ad from Vserv & 30+ other ad networks across the world.

  4. Help understand your app usage pattern – so that you can improve your app by tracking Key Performance Indicators like unique users, number of sessions, session duration, country spread, day of use and analytics.

  5. Track where your app is getting downloads from – so you can track which campaign / network gave you the best eCPI & high quality users.

  6. Backup setting & preferences that your user – so that the next time they reinstall or install the app on a new device, they feel right at home!

And that’s not all – we are constantly working to add such “Super Powers” that make our developer’s life simpler!

We know that Monetising your app is often a very clunky process! Typically, as a developer you struggle with a cumbersome approach of going back to the source code and integrating the advertising SDK into it.  Our one point agenda is to simplify this for you – and that’s why we created the AppWrapper.  And we encourage you to try it out – it is FREE after all!

Here is the “express registration” link to sign up as a developer and get the AppWrapper for FREE!

Should you have any clarifications / feedback / thoughts / anything – write in to us at and we promise to get back to you. Like ASAP!

Wish you an exciting 2012 ‘wrapped’ in code-free app monetisation !

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