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June 25, 2015
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July 2, 2015

You play, You pay


Bee7 and Vserv have partnered up to t monetise the Southeast Asian mobile game market

Bee7, an android games monetisation platform, and Vserv, a smart data platform for mobile marketing in India and Southeast Asia, recently teamed up to help solve mobile game monetisation in the region. It has been notoriously difficult to monetise mobile games in Southeast Asia due to a weak payment infrastructure and low credit card usage, which makes paying for games or in-app purchases practically impossible.

“The partnership creates a genuine avenue for developers across the globe to monetise their titles in these markets without disrupting the user experience, or charging for games and in-app bonuses,” said Vserv vice-president of Global & Data Partnerships Prashant Dixit, adding that it combines Bee7’s unique game wall tool and Vserv’s app monetisation solution, VMAX, thereby enabling developers to pull in demand from multiple channels using one single solution. You can read the full story on Bangkok Post.

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