Most App developers want to know what is the best approach to monetizing their apps. Our Head – Global Marketing, Binay Tiwari shares his insights on App Monetization, in an interview with The Hindu at the inaugural IAMAI AppFest 2012 event held in Hydrebad

Here are the excerpts:

Hindu- Vserv

How to succeed financially from apps?

There are two options for earning through apps. First is to offer free apps and then monetize them by placing ads. The second is that those who have downloaded the free app should be given an option to upgrade to a premium services. By following this middle path, developers can reach wider audience.

Can anybody build an app and earn?

Well, I personally feel anybody can build an app and earn money. Obviously the product should be good but sometimes even good apps do not get noticed. From our side, we have come up with AppWrapper, a simple way to integrate ads and mobile apps.  Anyone who has a legitimate app can use this product.

Observations on the trend in career choices of engineers?

Young engineers have quickly realized that it’s easy to become entrepreneurs by developing apps in the cyber world than in real world by setting up a physical office. Developing apps for mobiles is lucrative compared to traditional IT jobs. The advantage is that developers can reach to a global audience on their own.

How important is the idea for an app?

Good and simple ideas are important. Recently, a Tamil Nadu engineer developed Lokpal Messenger, an app on Lokpal bill. This became a rage. They came to us and we helped integrate advertisements with the app. The student is earning a lot financially. So, the idea behind the app should be powerful and topical.

Your experience with developers in Hyderabad ?

Quality of developers is high in Hyderabad. They are talented and have set standards high. Mobile applications are the next big thing and engineers here have realized that quickly.


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