billboard-ads-mobile-sites_A recent study stated nearly two in three B2B end users prefer using mobile optimized website & apps & half of these readers believe such sites will gain more importance in the coming 3-4 years (Value B -to-B report).  At a time, where majority of our media consumption is taking place on mobile screens, publishers have capitalized on this trend where they’ve been encouraged to build mobile sites that would cater to this usage pattern.

To bridge the gap between mobile ad revenue & mobile usage, it is essential for content publishers to monetize their mobile sites with the most performing ad formats.

We at are glad to introduce full-screen billboard ads for mobile sites where consumers can enjoy an immersive experience and also help publishers generate significantly higher engagement rates. The advantage of clutter free ads helps in reducing the chances of unintentional clicks & the sheer size of these full screen ads leads to an increase in the CTRs. This new integration will help publishers maximize their revenue from Mobile sites.

Write in to to integrate our full screen ads today!


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