App development was one of the biggest challenges for most developers during the initial stages of the app ecosystem. There was only limited help for the developers who started off back in the day when App stores were nascent. Indonesia has a lot of developers who worked their way up the ladder and built great apps to conquer the present market. However, very few started off early, laid the foundation and made a huge impact on the market over the span of the growing mobile ecosystem. Our Developer of the Week is one such company from Jakarta, Indonesia called Sola Interactive.

Sola Team

Sola Interactive launched in 2008, with the intent to make Christian animation, books and games for children. They started with animation and PC games development using flash. After achieving a considerable amount of success with their content, they found greater response to their game development. That is when they decided to develop mobile applications after realizing the popularity of iPhones and the App store within the industry. Their first mobile games were designed for teens and kids which emulated their learning’s from their PC game development. As their mobile apps took off, they completely switched to mobile development.

Some of their most popular apps are, Make Me A Princess with over 3 million downloads, Princess Makeup, and Modern Princess with over 1 million downloads & counting. At the beginning, they faced some technical challenges as Apple was still working on the development tools. For them, most of the learning was hands-on through trial and error. They faced similar issues when they started developing for Android as well. According to them, they have been on the leading edge of development for these mobile platforms, all thanks to the efforts they put in at the early stages of development.

Fact File
Name PT Sola Interactive
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Connect Facebook, Website
Apps Google Play Store, iTunes Store

They monetize their games primarily through advertising. They have in-game ads and interstitials. “Vserv has helped us increase our revenues by providing more opportunities to show ads in our games and done so without having to add more code to our games,” they said.

They want to focus on their current roadmap and create more applications that will awe the world and help users enjoy mobile gaming like never before. We wish them the very best for this and hope to see many such great apps from their team.

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