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Objective –

Puma, the german sportswear manufacturer is one of the world’s leading sports brand. One of their footwear range for football includes Puma evoPower which was first launched in 2014. Puma evoPower is a specialized hi-tech football sportswear and has been specifically designed for football players, playing for championships and/or socially. In Indonesia, Puma wanted to create awareness about the product amongst football players and sports enthusiasts. With this mobile campaign Puma wanted to promote the fantastic features such as accuracy and power the Puma evoPower has to offer.

Target Audience –

Football being one of the most popular sports in Indonesia, the country boasts of many sports loving-nationals who engage in the sport. The target audience for this unique product is football players and other sports enthusiasts who would understand the need of a high-tech designed footwear. With a requirement of a niche audience, we leveraged Vserv Authentic Data to target football players and extended the reach by adding sports enthusiasts in Indonesia.

Approach & Execution –

One of the insights that helped us create a highly engaging and creative mobile ad campaign was that sports lovers would only interact with the ad if it was creative and informative. Keeping this insight in mind, we created an ad where the target audience could engage with the product at a detailed level thus helping them explore the product better. The mobile ad concluded with an option to view a video on the product to increase credibility.

To deliver to our objective while keeping in mind the insights, we crafted an unique mobile ad by creating a rich media banner. Keeping the brand positioning of the shoe intact the rich media banner used bright colours for the background of the ad and showcased the product, Puma evoPower. This shoe has multiple hotspots present in the 360 degree view. On clicking the hotspot, each of the shoe’s special features were displayed along with a line of description. This way the target audience viewed the shoe in various zoomed directions while understanding each and every powerful feature the shoe has to offer.

This could have been possible only through mobile as the mobile user has an opportunity to engage with the ad. Post viewing all the features, the target audience could view a video on the shoe and also be directed to the landing page of the product by clicking on the call-to-action button.

Puma is one of the leading footwear brands on a global scale. Puma evoPower being a one-of-its kind shoe and well promoted by famous football players needed no introduction. However, it was imperative for the brand to promote the unique features that would help the player increase their accuracy and power.

Results –

This campaign was run for 21 days and received a impressive 1.2 million impressions. 21,000 Indonesian sports and specifically football lovers engaged with the mobile ad campaign. Over 36,000 interested audience clicked on the Know More button and navigated to the landing page.

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