Germany has always been at the forefront of innovation & technology. However when it comes to social networking, Germans seem to be more cautious with only one in three having a Facebook account. But while Facebook isn’t the biggest buzzword in their market, there seems to be plenty of local competition from unique social networking platforms in Germany. One such social mobile app is – Qeep. They began their journey in Germany 7 years ago, and have spread across the globe with soaring numbers!

Cologne based Christian Schulte & Cornelius Rost got together and founded Blue Lion Company to develop & market Qeep.  Born out of a simple idea to connect users, it has today become a social network for mobile phones meant to meet new people, chat, share pics & even play games together. Qeep today boasts of more than 20 million registered users with around 25000 new users joining them everyday! While their initial release was only in German, English versions were issued quickly & it is now available in 6 languages! Qeep has become extremely popular in emerging markets like India & Brazil.

We are extremely proud to work with the team at Qeep to monetize their vast user base. Sharing their monetization success, the Qeep team says – “Qeep is monetized through adverts and in-app purchases of virtual items and premium features. Vserv delivers high quality campaigns for our global traffic, thus improving our monetization and enabling us to build a better user experience.”

Fact File
Name Qeep
Location Cologne, Germany
Connect Website, Twitter, Facebook
Apps Play Store. Nokia Store, Amazon, Opera Store

With a team of 20 dedicated developers and marketers, Schulte and Rost strive to bring newer & more interesting elements to Qeep everyday. Their advice to fellow developers is to – not underestimate the install base of feature phones and have an excellent product that offers a smooth rich user experience on all targeted devices, not only the top notch models.

Here’s wishing the team at Blue Lion Mobile great success, to make Qeep better every day, make it bigger every day, and connect more people around the globe.

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