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July 19, 2016
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August 9, 2016

A quick insight into the minds of connected travelers


Travelers Connected with SmartphonesWe recently talked about how today's connected traveler's journey starts from a smartphone. We looked at how smartphones have become the pivotal to a travel plan, right from research and bookings to availing local services while at a particular destination.

However, how do these connected travelers go about choosing where they want to travel? And how can the travel industry leverage this insight to engage them better with mobile marketing? Let's take a look.

  • According to a TripAdvisor report, while one in four (25%) of asian travellers has chosen to visit a destination because of a cheap flight.
  • More than a quarter (27%) have visited a destination because it was recommended by a friend or relative.
  • One in four (25%) visited a destination because of seeing it on television, while 15% said they had been motivated to visit a place by a film they had seen.

When do they go traveling across these destinations, here is what affects their choice of accommodation:

  • 36% of Asian travelers say they would look elsewhere if an accommodation does not provide a rate-inclusive breakfast or offer a kettle in the room.
  • Globally 46% said free in-room WiFi is a must-have amenity — which means if an accommodation did not provide it, they would look elsewhere.

Such an insight into connected travelers can help marketers choose the right strategy to engage them. For instance, the advertisement creative can include the features and amenities a particular accommodation offers, which can immediately act as a pull factor. However, the use of the right ad format can help take these ad campaigns to the right user in the most relevant manner.

  1. The good old banner ad can be useful for engaging connected travelers on the lookout for a good deal on flight bookings or accommodations or travel packages. These connected travelers can initially be targeted with interstitial ads that promote flights with cheap fares. This can be followed up with banner ads promoting discounts as an effective retargeting tool.
  2. For those travelers who look at their friends and relatives for recommendations, in-feed native ad formats on social networking and chat apps can work well because that is where these consumers stay connected with their friends and relatives.
  3. Videos can serve as the perfect storytelling tool for engaging an audience. Therefore video ads are the best way to engage those connected travelers whose inspiration comes places shown on TV or in a film.

Therefore, while mobile is enhancing the traveler's experience, it also presents the opportunity and the means to engage these travelers in a manner which is most relevant to them. For marketers looking to reach connected travelers, mobile marketing is your flight to your destination.


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