Acknowledged as UK’s Silicon Beach, Brighton is Europe’s small town which serves some of the finest cutting edge mobile apps & games. Making its presence felt as one of the upcoming tech hubs situated on the South coast of London, Brighton is dotted with numerous start-ups and is attracting some of the brightest minds in the country. One such company energizing Brighton’s Mobile App Space is R.A.I Ltd & is the brainchild company of a talented & determined individual – Mick Reiss.

Mick Reiss

Before witnessing a rising trend in Mobile Gaming, Mick worked on artificial intelligence (AI) in PC games for several years & also has a strong background in physics. He quickly learnt the art of programming on Android  with which he developed games that users enjoyed & were visually appealing which is also reflected in his latest game – Defender Force! Going back in time, Mick stumbled upon his first gaming app idea about 30 years ago. While working on an academic neural network software, the nodes often got tangled up and he realized untangling it was indeed fun! Three decades later, Mick launched the game ‘Tangle Twister’ which went on to be one of his most successful games. One of his other famous creations – Sheepdog Pro boasts over 150,000 downloads challenging the user to guide a Sheep Dog’s flock safely through an increasingly dangerous range of obstacles.

In order to monetize his apps, Mick uses a mix of in-app purchasing and advertising. Talking about the biggest advantage while using’s one click monetization tool – AppWrapper Mick says, “Working with Vserv has been an advantageous experience for us. In Addition to the AppWrapper, which reduced our implementation efforts, having a dedicated individual for all our queries further reduced our development cycle”

Fact File
Name R.A.I Ltd
Location Brighton, England
Connect Website
Apps Play Store

Mick is determined to overcome his challenges on the marketing front by teaming up with a PR guru or a publisher that would help him change the course of his company in the coming months. We’re proud to support Mick’s hunger for success & fuel his ambitions to be listed amongst the top Mobile App Gaming companies.

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