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November 29, 2017
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January 8, 2018

Reliance Mutual Fund reaches more than 8 lakh corporate professionals with Vserv Authentic Data





Reliance Mutual Fund wished to drive engagement on its 'Wealth Sets You Free' campaign site


Identifying and reaching a relevant and niche target audience of affluent users.

Vserv Solution:

Vserv Authentic Data is a powerhouse of 328 million authentic user profiles with over 70+ attributes assigned to them. We identified 6 million 'Affluent Users' who had  high ARPU, were international roamers and were either corporate professionals or business people. This audience set was then targeted through a display ad on mobile with a CTA that took the users to the Reliance Mutual Fund landing page Р Wealth Sets You Free.



Results for Reliance Mutual Fund:

This campaign was truly successful as we achieved a whopping 17% engagement rate on the landing page through 18,000 clicks. With around 2 million impressions, this campaign reached reached more than 800,000 affluent consumers who were potential buyers for Reliance Mutual Fund.

RMF_CasestudyResults_817x166Himanshu Agarwal, Marketing Manager – Digital at Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management says, "Data is at the heart of our business and it only made sense for us to use data at the center of our marketing efforts. Vserv Authentic Data equips us to implement people-based marketing and the team's efficient segmentation strategy ensured great results for our campaign. We are excited to see what Vserv Authentic Data has to offer us for our future campaigns."

Our Happy Customer speak:











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