Innovation in technology, infrastructure & mobile apps have dramatically transformed the business environment in Africa  ; both as an economic driver & a platform for social empowerment. The youth have risen to the needs of its people & want to bring about a change in the society. Africans have begun using technology in the form of practical apps to simplify everyday life, increase global awareness, & push their country towards progression. Trying to make his own contribution to the society is Richard Langat from Nairobi.robert-langat

Richard was introduced to App Development by his brother Robert Langat, who was earlier featured in our Developer of the Week Initiative. Richard started developing his own apps in November last year when Robert taught him how to code simple programs and generate money from them. He was fascinated by the various arenas he could tap into & was further motivated by Robert who pushed him to explore more possibilities and create innovative apps. One of the major challenges faced by Richard was developing apps that had a practically useful for the end user. Some of the most popular apps developed by Richard include English Game, Children’s Names & Movies Albums Updates.

It is our pleasure to have both the Langat brothers working with us for monetizing their apps. Commenting on his experience with Vserv, Richard says “Vserv’s AppWrapper platform has simplified the monetization process for me with its simple no-coding system. It’s completely hassle free & has helped me juggle around with many other aspects of developing & improving my Apps overall look & feel.”

Fact File
Name Richard Langat
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Apps Nokia Store

Among people that inspire him, Richard really looks up to his brother Robert who is an excellent app developer himself. The only piece of advice he was given & would like to pass on to young developers in turn is; to never give up & keep trying no matter how hard the challenges are.

Richard’s future plans include excelling in the field of Mobile App Development & we’re sure with his hard work & determination, the road to success isn’t too far!

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