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Rinso established itself as a Washing Machine Expert with a mobile ad campaign


Rinso Washing Machine Expert featuredRinso, by Unilever Indonesia, was one of the country's first detergent brands. The brand has earned a strong reputation in the market for providing effective cleaning, simple laundry and the best clothing experience. The brand was now looking to promote its latest detergent product, Rinso Matic in the country.

However, the challenge Unilever Indonesia faced was not just creating brand awareness about Rinso Matic, but also educating its consumers on the two different types of detergents as well as washing machines. Consumer insight suggested that consumers often chose the wrong type of detergent for their washing machine there were many myths among them about these detergents. The objective of the campaign was to dispel these myths and establish Rinso as a washing machine expert.

The target audience for this mobile ad campaign were Indonesian women primarily in the age group of 25 to 35 years. A two phase campaign was created, one to generate awareness among the target audience about the two types of washing machines (Front Loading and Top Loading) and also about the type of detergent which would work best for each of them. Once awareness about the product was created, the second phase involved promoting the product by sending out free product samples to prospective customers.

Using mobile to teach the art of washing
The campaign was targeted across In-App and Mobile web inventory on both smartphones and feature phones, for maximum reach. In the first phase, utilizing rich media capabilities we created an interactive questionnaire to gauge customer knowledge about washing clothes. This questionnaire, would help dispel some deep rooted myths among users and inform them about the correct ways of washing clothes. Users were also prompted to visit the Rinso website to know more about the product and learn the latest tips and tricks about washing clothes.

The second phase was primarily focussed on creating an interest among consumers to own the product by distributing free samples on submission of basic personal details. To ensure maximum impact, Vserv reached out to people who had seen and interacted with the ad in the first phase. This also allowed us to control the product distribution.

Widespread success
The mobile ad campaign was not only effective in creating awareness about the products, but in busting the myths that users had about washing clothes and in successfully introducing the product to them.

Out of the total number of people who were curious to partake in the quiz and interacted with the banner, 78% of them completed the quiz and visited the landing page with an intent to get more information on the product. Many consumers registered and received free sample of Rinso Matic Liquid detergent delivered at their doorstep.

The mobile ad campaign successfully attracted the relevant audience and established Rinso as a washing machine expert by taking the message across effectively in an engaging manner.


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