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August 16, 2016
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August 30, 2016

The rise of programmatic in Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia programmatic spendsAccording to recent Magna Global estimates, programmatic spends across Southeast Asia have been projected to hit USD 452 Million in 2019, growing at an astounding rate of 326% from USD 106 Million in 2015. In fact, overall spends on programmatic grew by 45% in just 2015.

Why is Southeast Asia suddenly waking up to programmatic buying and selling? Actually, programmatic buying and selling have been around for a while now, and most marketers in the region have only been testing waters before they take the plunge.

Increased reach

Programmatic has its merits and while we've always talked about them, the mobile marketing ecosystem in Southeast Asia has found a good success rate with it. Programmatic can bring great efficiencies not just with expanding reach and revenue opportunities for advertisers, but also engaging the right user with relevant ads and drive desired outcomes.

Share of Programmatic SpendsThis explains why in 2015, branding campaigns constituted 68% of the overall programmatic spends while performance constituted the remaining 32% in the Southeast Asian market.

Enhanced mobile marketing
Furthermore, programmatic can aid marketers in leveraging ad formats more effectively. Lately, with growth in user affinity towards videos and increase in consumption, marketers have started to bank more on mobile video ads.

Programmatic is widening the reach for marketers, giving them access to a larger pool of video ad inventory. This is enabling them to reach out to the right users with relevant video ads, at scale. It is no wonder why programmatic spending on digital video took up a considerable 43% while display constituted the remaining at 57% in 2015.

Data-driven outcome
Intelligence lies at the heart of programmatic buying and selling. Audience data is helping marketers engage right users the right way on mobile but programmatic is vastly enhancing this by automating a major part of it. In fact with programmatic in the picture, data driven audience-targeting is known to deliver as much as 44% increase in conversion.

Therefore if you are a marketer with the Southeast Asian smartphone population in your sights, it's time to place your bets on programmatic. While you do, here are three tips to help you ensure that you're going right with programmatic.

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