When you think of Kenya, the first thing that comes to mind is it’s well renowned wildlife.  What many may not be aware of that Kenya is also the world leader in Mobile Money. For a majority of Kenyans, the mobile is both a wallet and a bank account, helping them transfer money, pay bills, withdraw cash and even make in-store purchases irrespective of their device. Africa has more than 600 million mobile phone users and with this number only set to rise, there is expected to be an increasing demand for apps. Ready to capitalize on this app boom is Nairobi based 26 year old Robert Langat.

robert langat

Robert has always been passionate about building mobile apps. Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering, he is well versed with developing apps across platforms. He started developing mobile apps in 2010 after attending a chance presentation his friend had made on the same. Today, his life revolves around all things mobile – he holds a day job as a business development professional in a mobile technology firm and builds mobile apps in his free time. His popular apps include World Dialing Code, World Music News and World Movies amongst others.

On partnering with Vserv for monetizing his apps, Robert says, “Unlike other solutions I used previously, the Vserv AppWrapper has created a great revenue stream from my apps. The best part is that it is easy to integrate and requires no coding! I look forward to working with Vserv for my future apps.”

Fact File
Name Robert Langat
Location Kenya
Connect Facebook, Twitter, Website
Apps Nokia Store

Inspired by his previous boss and mentor Steve Mutida from Shimba Mobile, his advice to fellow developers is “Sky is the limit” if you enjoy what you do. With future plans of building apps that address important consumer needs, we are confident that in the coming years, Robert will serve as an inspiration and catalyst for furthering the app revolution in Africa.

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