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How Samsung created a buzz around the launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge in Vietnam


Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeEvery year, technology enthusiasts eagerly look forward to Samsung announcing its next flagship Galaxy S smartphone. This year, Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 Edge, which boasted of a new unique edge-to-edge display design besides many new features. Samsung was about to launch the Galaxy S6 Edge in Vietnam and the aim was to create a buzz around its launch.

Creating a buzz around the first dual-edge screen smartphone
The target audience for this campaign were technology-savvy smartphone users. These users are always looking to upgrade to smartphones that offer them the latest generation technology and new design. The features that a smartphone offers along with its stand-out design are a key consideration for these users when evaluating a new device.

The idea was to tease the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the first smartphone that features a dual-edge display. With 141% mobile penetration and 36% mobile internet users in the country, mobile was the perfect medium to reach out to the target audience. To create a buzz around the launch, a three-stage mobile ad campaign was created.

Three stages that led to success
Stage 1: The first banner ad in the campaign teased the user with a silhouette of the new Galaxy S6 Edge and a countdown followed by an image announcing the launch of S6 Edge and a S6 Edge Gear as a combination package.

Stage 2: The second banner ad allowed the user to click on a call to action button to set a calendar event reminder. This calendar event would also show up as a pop-up notification reminding users about the venue, time and offer details.

Stage 3: The main launch ad showcased product features with a video and guided users to Samsung's mobile website. Users could also share the same information on their Facebook profiles to spread the word tagging the brand. Standard banner ads also ran separately, which ensured higher number of audience of reach.

The mobile ad campaign was able to successfully reach out to the target audience and create a buzz around the launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge and its innovative dual-edge screen technology in an innovative and engaging manner. It was also able to generate a good interest among the target audience and created a high level of brand awareness around the launch.

The campaign successfully achieved its objectives delivering 3,433,843 impressions for the teaser and 15,135,473 for the launch ad. With over 4,000 complete video views, this campaign was a big success.

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