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Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 turned pink and made Malaysians express their love on V-day


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pink featuredSamsung wanted to launch its latest Galaxy Note 4 Pink smartphone in Malaysia on Valentine's Day. The company wanted to ride on the buzz and excitement surrounding Valentine's day to promote the launch and engage a large audience.

Malaysia has a 137% mobile penetration and more than 35% of these mobile consumers are smartphone users. Samsung wanted to reach out to Malaysian men and women who wanted to gift a smartphone to their loved ones on Valentine's day. Therefore a mobile ad campaign would be the apt way of reaching out this audience. Also, mobile was the perfect medium to have a social conversation with the target audience.

For the love of smartphones
A full screen rich media banner was executed to convey the brand message. Users saw a black Samsung Note 4 on the banner. They were then asked to pull down a rope from the top portion of the banner. As the user dragged the rope downwards, the black phone turned pink along with a Valentine's Day theme based background.

The campaign was engaging and users were excited to see the phone change color from black to pink. They were then taken to the next step where they could add a personal message on the pink phone screen. Through this, users got a chance to express their love for their phone and were thrilled to share a customized message screen on their Facebook & Twitter profiles.

The campaign was spread over 4 weeks in order to ensure that users could post personal messages about how much they love their new smartphone on social platforms.

Expressing love through smartphones
Through its engaging and rich media creative, the mobile ad campaign was able to successfully connect with the audience and create a buzz about the new smartphone. The banner generated 3 million impressions and users on an average spent 40 seconds engaging with the banner. Users also went on to share personalized messages on Facebook and Twitter after engaging with the ad.

This just goes to show how users respond well to personalized and engaging messaging especially when it comes to mobile and social. Through this really innovative, exciting and successful campaign, Samsung, had an extremely positive influence for its brand. It was able to successfully capitalize on the Valentine's Day buzz and get consumers interested in the new Galaxy Note 4.


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