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February 5, 2015
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February 9, 2015

How Sariwangi leveraged the power of mobile to bring families closer



featured-image-sample - Without Success Story LabelSariwangi, a leading tea brand from Indonesia, has a philosophy that highlights the importance of family bonding. The brand believes that in today's hectic time and age, our fast-paced lives leave us with little time for our family and friends.

Sariwangi wanted people to spend time with their families rather than being engrossed in television, social media, internet etc. The brand along with Vserv, looked at leveraging mobile to bring families together so that they would spend more time with each other during the holy month of Ramadan.

Taking the message with mobile
Since most users are always on their mobile, we chose a mobile ad campaign as it would give Sariwangi instant reach and maximum impact. The mobile ad campaign looked at capitalizing on the human tendency to keep reminders of daily chores. We created a set of mobile banners for smartphones as well as feature phones.

The initial communication would first stress on the user spending 15 minutes with their family. It then revealed a functionality for the users to set a reminder for themselves to spend 15 minutes with their family during Ramadan.

On setting the reminder it would go to the user's email/calendar asking the user to accept the calendar request. As a next step, users could post a customized message through their account on their social media (Facebook/Twitter) profiles to announce to the world about their Sariwangi time and asking their contacts to help them keep their commitment by not disturbing them on that time of the day.

This also encouraged others who saw the message to set their Sariwangi time so that they can also spend uninterrupted quality time with their families. The email reminder was sent to the user every day during Ramadan.

The campaign saw an excellent response generating 25,313 clicks with an average CTR of 2.01%. It generated good brand recall for Sariwangi as the brand was in the minds of people in Indonesia all 21 days during Ramadan.

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