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January 10, 2017
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S(c)ent via mobile: How Thai women experienced Lux Escada's new fragrant body wash through a mobile ad



Think of a premium skin care and body care brand for women, and the name Lux comes to your mind. Think of Lux and we are instantly reminded of the feeling of an irreplaceable flowery fragrance that we've all come to associate the brand with.

Therefore when Lux Escada wanted to introduce its new premium fragrant body wash in Thailand, it was banking on this experience of taking in the fragrance while using the product to establish that brand recall and create awareness about the new product.

The target audience for the campaign was Thai women between the ages of 18 to 45. This audience spends a lot of time in the day on smartphones and therefore a mobile ad campaign would give Lux Escada the reach and the scale required to create a buzz around  its new body wash.

Scent via mobile

A big part of the experience of using a body wash is breathing in the fragrance as it is poured out of the bottle and applied. A full-screen rich media ad was created to bring this experience onto mobile. The mobile ad featured flowers all around and starts with a bottle of Lux Escada falling and then floating in water.Vserv Success Story Lux Escada 2

The users who saw the ad, were then urged to tilt the smartphone to change its orientation from portrait to landscape. On slightly tilting the phone, the body wash would get poured into the water. On doing so, flowers would come out the bottle and fill the screen, symbolizing the atmosphere around being filled up with the rich premium floral fragrance of the body wash.

Users were then introduced to the Lux Escada body wash and urged to tap on a button to discover more about the product.

Blooming with success

Thai women found the ad highly engaging and the campaign resulted in a whopping CTR of 11.53%. 82% of the audience who were shown the ad engaged with it. The ad delivered over 46,000 clicks, which suggests that it created a strong intent among Thai women to try/buy the product.

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