AppWrapper™ is the World’s SIMPLEST App Monetization platform. And here is a video to prove it!

Watch an Android App (.apk) file get enabled for monetization – WITHOUT ANY coding – in under 40 secs! You read that right – ZERO coding and in less than a minute!


One of our biggest goals has been to reduce the amount of effort a developer has to put in to monetize his apps.

When we launched the AppWrapper™ (called AdWrapper back then) we revolutionized the process of enabling Ads! Developers no longer needed to integrate SDKs / download IDE plugins / write additional code or keep abreast of the constantly updated  APIs to enable Ads in their apps. And as we evolved, we have continued to make it more awesome!

Over the past couple of years we have powered monetization for over 20,000 Apps from developers such as Glu Mobile, Digital Chocolate, Indiagames (now part of Disney), Nazara, Jump Games, amongst others globally.

If you haven’t tried it yet – you should!
It won’t take you more than 10 mins to sign up and wrap your app with it – for FREE!

Here is the “express registration” link to sign up as a developer and get the AppWrapper™ for FREE!

For any clarifications / feedback / thoughts on the AppWrapper™ – write in to us at or you can always signup at


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