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Smartphone user personas taking shape


Vserv Insights User PersonaRishi is your average connected consumer whose typical day starts with checking the slew of notifications on his smartphone that lined up while he was asleep. He takes a cab to work, and on his way to work, he catches up on the day's news on his smartphone. He also listens to some music while he's reading the news.

During the 20 minute ride to his workplace, he has replied to a couple of emails, booked a table at a restaurant by looking it up on a restaurant information app, searched for a few products on an E-commerce app, looked up the week's movie releases, caught up with friends on WhatsApp and even managed to squeeze in a YouTube video watch.

Rishi is an example of many such mobile internet users in India whose digital lives are centered around a smartphone. For these consumers it's the apps they access, the content they consume, and how the smartphone makes their lives easier. For marketers it's a sea of opportunity where every interaction of the user with his smartphone is a chance to engage them.

However, it is such numerous interactions of smartphone users with their devices, that's also calling for a different approach to engaging them. There was a time in mobile advertising where demographic data about a smartphone user was considered the most powerful mobile marketing tool. However today, mere demographic data is not enough.

Today's smartphone users are spending time on the smartphones accessing internet, downloading apps, playing games, listening to music, watching movies, shopping, banking or reading. You name it and they are doing it. With smartphone users doing so many different things on their devices and using their devices in as many different ways, their interactions with these devices are generating tons of information which goes beyond location, type of device, age and such.

This vast information when deciphered, gives a unique pattern of how smartphone users engage with the device, their interests and intent signals. The collective analysis of their usage patterns, interests and intent signals can help map their smartphone user personalities or personas. And there's a lot that these user personas can tell marketers about smartphone users in India and help them engage them with more relevant and timely mobile advertising on smartphones.

We will be decoding these user interactions and hope to see some really interesting user personas take shape. Stay tuned for more.

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